Tuesday, August 4, 2009

10 days summary

I was more efficient in those 10 days my kids were gone than I have been at any other time in my life. I was worried I'd find myself moping around after a few days of missing my kids but it turns out I didn't miss them as much as I expected to and they didn't miss me AT ALL. For journaling purposes here is a list of some of the things I did. It was nice to have a variety of projects.

I sanded and spray painted this:

met for lunch and a little shopping with this witty and very real friend:

went on soooo many dates with Carl, even if a couple of them started at 9pm. This was by far the best part of the 10 days. I love that guy!
did some much needed clothes shopping (its this type of shopping the kids hate the most.)

painted this:

did ZERO cooking--we did budget $100 for eating out which was a gift from Carl's boss.
made this reversible apron, which turned out to be a pain in the neck:

listened to Footsteps in the Dark (while I did my projects) by Georgette Heyer--not the romance I was expecting but the mystery was good.

Spent half of one day with Grammie, who just happened to be in town. We rested and watched after our shopping trip:

attended the temple a couple of times

looked up some ancestors at the family history library
dejunked a whole bunch of things that have been sitting around since the move

finally hung a couple of pictures:

here's the list I didn't get to:

organizing and labeling the food storage
mend the projects in my sewing box
take stuff to kids consignment store
paint table and chairs

I guess I'll start on those as soon as the kids go back to school.


The well rounded mom said...

Looks like you had a productive 10 days! Did you feel all regenerated to be a mom again?

Jamie said...

I was so happy to see the kids and of course, before they got home I promised I would not do a number of things that I was used to doing around them, but after 20 minutes of seeing them I settled into my normal mom self. I still am glad they're home, sad the house takes so much to keep it clean.

Renee said...

You are amazing Jamie. What a great thing to have this time off and get a chance to do all those things on your 'to do' list. I LOVE the picture you painted. That is so cool! The apron is darling and I am envious of all the dates you got to take. Everything you did was great. (I will admit, I am getting excited for school to start so I can get a few things done around here!!) Oh well, until then I will enjoy Summer!

Cheri said...

I can't imagine how much fun that much be, and how fulfilling! I would love to have my kids go somewhere fun for even just 3 days so I could get things done and not feel guilty about neglecting them.

Cute apron and painting! You are super talented.

emily said...

is carl bowling with a blue tooth? :)

Also, I think I know who Katie inherited her amazing style from.

leigh said...

I really like how the apron turned out! And it couldn't have been that bad if it took you less than a day!

Leah said...

You sure have been busy! What fun projects!

Trueman twins said...

Great job! It is nice to reconnect with yourself sometimes and you really can't do that with the kids around. Love the paintings- chair and picture- whimsical and cute! So nice to feel like you are making progress in life!

LL said...

your time alone and all you accomplished sound SO good!
LOVE the painting and the aprons and the bench. GREAT WORK!!!

Charlotte said...

Wowsers, you're a talented lady. Love that apron and your painting.

I'm also sad about how much it takes to keep a house clean, plus how I turn into a WITCH nagging the kids to clean up.

I've never spray-painted furniture before. Is it quick? Does it look as good in real life as it does in the picture?

Tami said...

Wow Jamie! You amaze me. I love all the projects you did--especially the bench and the apron. Way to make the most of your time. You inspire me.

Jen said...

Amazing, girl! The apron may have been more work than you thought, but I think it was worth it...super cute! We all feel your pain about keeping a house clean...ahh, the life of a mother!

jhoopes said...

WOW. I am impressed. You got lots done and I love your projects. You have some serious talent!! And I bet it was nice to spend so much time with Carl,too. Is this a yearly tradition?