Wednesday, February 23, 2011


How many people do you know who can work until 3am and get up at 6am and cheerfully go to work? Carl, is the only person in the world I know who doesn't actually complain about missing sleep. Not only does he not complain but he is as cheerful as if he got 10 hours of sleep. How does that happen? He even never acts like he's in a hurry and always makes time to do stuff for the kids like find lost marbles under the bed or listen to a long winded lego story (you know the kind the boys tell about whatever creation they've made and how their imagination played out in a particular instance). Carl's attitude is baffling and inspiring! Maybe I'll try to be better.


leigh said...

not only does he not sleep, but he doesn't eat! i'm grumpy missing either.

Daniel Sorensen said...

Is Carl giving lessons?

Jackie said...

You are both wonderful parents! He's a great guy, and you're an awesome wife for letting him get home or come to bed that late! :)