Friday, May 23, 2008

Big Cook, Little Cook

One great thing about Carl is that he doesn't really have any expectations of me. So when he comes home from a hard days work and sees that dinner isn't ready he just jumps right in and starts making it. This happened a few days ago. Well, as soon as Grant saw that Carl was cooking he ran to the closet, got his apron and dragged a chair scraping across the floor to the stove. He loves cooking.


Leah said...

Isn't it great when the men just jump in and start helping out like that?!
I can't believe how much Grant has changed. He sure is growing up.

Tami said...

Good man! My kids love cooking with Chris--he lets them help a lot more than I do. Grant is adorable.

Cheri said...

OK so the last time I saw Grant, he was maybe 6 months old...? What a cute little guy! At first glance I thought it was maybe Alex. And kudos to Carl for being such a help in the kitchen!!