Thursday, May 22, 2008

Model #1

I thought I'd slowly introduce our 4 models (see "about me").

Model #1-JJP is approaching his 10th year. He has picked up speed just recently and has become more efficient getting his work done before school over the last few weeks. We're not quite sure if its a change in fuel quality or if the gears shifted just right but producers have been working on this aspect of Model #1 for about 5 years now are are pleased to see an increase in efficiency.

Fuel Source--lasagna, reading, baseball, basketball, playing with cousin Jack, sitting next to mom for a chat, lullabys at night (this was not desireable to this model for the last few years but has proven to be of help lately). All these things seem to help Model JJP stay happy and keep up his excellent efficiency.


Christy said...

Ahh, we miss that fun kid!
Sounds like he is a well oiled machine..comes from a solid factory,

katie said...

Jamie I knew that you were funny, but I didn't know you were that funny. I like your writing.

LL said...

love this. you're so funny!
we miss your cute kids~

leigh said...

I like this model. He's one of my 4 favorites.