Friday, October 30, 2009

Cheese on Plate

Some of us are gourmet cooks and others of us continually forget that cooking is on our daily to do list. Perhaps the latter inspired this question:
Grant:"mom, can I have cheese on pwate?"

Me: "you just want cheese on a plate?"

Grant: "yeah"

Me: "do you want me to put cheese on bread and cook it?" (a lunch staple around here)

Grant: "no, just cheese on plate" in an exasperated voice. (How hard can it be Mom, I didn't say cheese on bread--cheese on plate, duh)

So I cut cheese and put it on a plate

Grant: "I want it cook, Mom."

Me: "you want me to put this in the microwave and cook it?"

Grant: "yeah, cheese on plate, cook." (He never puts -ed on words)

So here it is--cheese on plate! (its a coincidence that its in the shape of a pumpkin)

At first I thought maybe cheese on plate isn't a bad way to go. I mean you can actually just eat the cheese and leave the oil on the plate. That is, until I caught Grant doing this:


Libby said...

Ewww! That is so funny!

Amanda said...

Tell Grant that amanda and I had "Cheese on a plate" two nights ago and it was great. Ours was more of a cheese sampling and none were in the shape of pumpkins, but the kids got culinary sense!

tralina said...

Eleanor also loves melted cheese on a plate--wierd. I actually haven't ever tried it, but I bet it changes the flavor a bit. The pumpkin shape is really cool.

Eli and Candace said...

Oh Sick! That's like my nephew who wants to eat butter by the spoon!

Peruchos said...

I used to LOVE melted cheese from the microwave! What childhood memories...:)

birdeeb said...

LOL! You are a good momma ;o)