Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Love, YFE (Your Favorite Elf)

Its December 1st and the elf is back. He's been coming to my house ever since I was a little girl for all the days of December leading up to Christmas. Since he's invisible, he somehow leaves a note and 1 candy per child. In order to track his notes and make sure he's keeping his names and stories straight (wink, wink) I've decided to record all 25 notes right here on the blog.

Dear J, K, A and G,

Its so nice to be visiting you again this Christmas season. I hope you don't mind the typing. I just got a new iphone and I'm love it. I find all sorts of time to stop and type a letter to you and the many other families I visit each year. Like when I'm at the grocery store line or at the library waiting for my nephew, Gunther, to pick out a book. He has such a hard time deciding what to read. Any suggestions? He's reading at about a 4th grade level right now. He loves books about normal human life stuff--life without magic. Andy ideas? The North Pole library is so big. There are millions of books there. I wish I could take you to visit it. You can't reach even half of the ten floors of books because the ceilings are so high and as you know elves are a little on the short side. A few years ago Santa installed a Klopfitz on each floor. A Klopfitz is a rare type of elf that has long strethchy arms. If you can't reach the book you want youself, you just give him the call number and he reaches up and grabs it for you. You might wonder why we don't just fly up to it and get it ourselves. Well, that's because there are strict "no flying zones" in certain places on the North Pole. Its kind of like the "no running" rules at your shool. You you know what happens if you do fly in the library? The head librarian, Elsa, takes your libary card and keeps it inside the library vault for 6 whole months--long enough to keep anyone from flying in the library.

If you want treats, you're going to have to write me more often than last year.



leigh said...

oh crap. the elf forgot to come to our house today. i'm really dreading it.

The well rounded mom said...

You are amazing!

sara said...

Oh man, that's just awesome.

Swimmingmom said...

Fun idea!

pmcelmer said...

Go Jamie. What a great start

LL said...

you are SUCH a good mom~