Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thinking WAY ahead

Let me explain. Alex has this fascination with tarantulas. He has probably read 20 books about them and can spout out all kinds of information about spinnerets, the difference between different types and where they are located. He has even held one and experienced their stinging hairs (you should wash your hands before touching your skin). When he asked me if he could get one I replied, "absolutely not" which was followed by tears that didn't soften me a bit. When he asked his dad (out of my hearing) Carl said that yes he could get one when we is 12 if he learns all about them. I think Carl was sure that Alex would forget about it in a few months. That was last November. Alex explained to me after writing to Santa that if Santa brought one in place of a stocking (which is all that Santa brings to our house) then he wouldn't have to pay for one. Funny huh! Alex isn't one to leave details to the last minute.

Santa's letter back:
Dear Alex,
So nice to hear from you! I'm still on vacation in Hawaii. I don't ordinarily take requests years in advance. I'll think about it. In the meantime keep being a good boy. Make sure you're really nice to your excellent mother.
P.S. Are you sure you want a Tarantula? How about a nice stuffed animal?


Liz said...

"How about a nice stuffed animal?" You probably laughed yourself silly after offering that as an alternative!

jhoopes said...

That is awesome--all of it! Love it. :)

sara said...

So funny :)

We had a tarantula that Aaron and Noah (Noah's 9) found while on a desert hike last fall. They brought him home and we kept him for a few months. He died when I forgot to refill his water a couple weeks in a row... but actually he wasn't a bad pet; as soon as I had a proper inclosure for him, I was fine with having him in the house. But I was also not very sad when he died :)

tralina said...

What a motivated boy. In 4-5 years you'll need to update us and tell us if he still remembers. I think Carl's response it great (it's like saying no, but saying yes to the child-it's perfect). Have you found any new, fun games? We've really slowed down in playing them--too many other things to do!