Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Playground political talk

Katie: "Mom, we voted today for school. I voted for Obama"

Mom: "Why did you vote for Obama?"

Katie: "Because I knew he was going to win." (the school vote)


Katie: "Mom, on the playground we were saying:

Vote McCain,
things stay the same.
Go tell your mama
to vote Obama

"Kids came over and stood around us, listening to us. I was doing it because my friends were."

I thought this was really funny. It made me wonder though how many people really sift through all the political talk to get down to the bottom of who the runners are and what they actually stand for. As with Katie it seems to be somewhat of a popularity contest, perhaps driven a great deal by the media. People loving Palin yesterday and hating her today. People thinking Obama doesn't have enough experience yesterday, thinking today he's the hope of America. I suppose only time will tell who these runners really are. One more hour before we hear the final decision of the country.


LL said...

Cute Katie. I think my kids have been more into this election than I have...it's amazing what they hear at school!

Diana said...

My kids would come home and say, "Mom, everyone in the whole school is voting for McCain! We're the only ones that like Obama."

Libby said...

I agree that it was a popularity vote. I wonder how many people know what either candidate planned/plans to do?

Angela said...

I think its great the schools are getting kids interested, we can hope that the interest will remain and then latter when they can really vote they will choose to investigate the candidates.

The Howard Bolton Family said...

We had many good discussions at home, where I tried to present both sides. I didn't tell the children until the last possible moment who was getting my vote. I wanted them to hear the issues, think for themselves and be able to make their own decisions. That being said, they all voted in their school elections the same way I did.

orangeemily said...

ha! well, did she tell you to vote obama then? i liked how she voted for him cause she knew he was going to win. wonderful tactic. i'll try and do that in the next election.