Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June Cleaver Apron Give Away

So here's how it works. You leave an ORGANIZATION TIP as a comment on any post over the next 2 weeks. On July 1st I will randomly select the winner of the apron pictured here. The picture isn't really great since polka dots are pretty hard to photograph but the fabric is black with white polka dots and pink piping. This particular apron was already given to a bride-to-be so I will make one to fit the winner. Men, don't count youselves out, you could enter a comment and win an apron for your wife, girlfriend, or daughter.


Jan said...

Jamie, if you leave more comments, do your chances become greater? :) lol... I loved this apron at the shower. It's adorable!

As for my organization comment, I need to become so! I've been trying to organize the outside because it's so nice right now and the family we bought the house from never really planted stuff. Anyhow, I went to the water conservation park place for an open house they were doing there. I entered a drawing, won $10 and bought a wisteria with it. Fun! :)

Cathy said...

Sign me up!

How the summer? Is it getting hot yet? We just got out of school this week and I'm loving the cool days.

Jamie said...

Ladies, I will gladly enter into the apron giveaway after you leave a tip on organization

Jan said...

a tip, eh? I thought it was just a comment.

I have two tips that I do. First is to play really upbeat music while you clean. Your body will naturally follow the beat and you'll be done faster and be happy because the music is fun. This really is true, too. I used to work at Gap and we'd play really fast music to keep everyone's spirits up and keep them moving around all the clothes.

The second idea that I have is to buy yourself something fun to organize/clean up with. Something cool like those hanging clothes organizers or something. Any goal that I make, I like to buy myself something cheap but fun to help because then I get excited to use it and then I am working on my goal, too. I.e., I did this with water. My doctor told me that I need to drink more so I bought a cool water bottle and it helped a lot!

Jan said...

Oh! I have a really good tip that I really like! (Sorry I am inundating your comment board!!) I bought me a really big plastic tub with a lid and I put all of my tuperware and their lids in them and I put it on the floor of my pantry. It's really good for me because then I don't open up a cupboard and get bombarded with flying containers.

Cathy said...

I don't have any organization tips. Maybe I should withdraw from the drawing.

Okay, how's this? In my recipe box I have my main dishes divided by meats. Chicken, beef, and pork. That way when I'm trying to come up with an idea for dinner and we had chicken last night I won't look in that category.

Jamie said...

Hey Cath,
Great comment! I can't hardly remember what we ate for breakfast let alone last night. Sometimes I even forget I have to make dinner (okay, its actually more than sometimes--its like 3 or 4 times a week). So thanks for the great organization tip. I'm glad you didn't give up on the giveaway.
Jan thanks for the enthusiastic comments. You're right I changed "comment" to "tip." Thanks for being accomodating

leigh said...

I feel that I shouldn't enter the drawing since I am your sister and that just wouldn't seem fair if I won the apron. BUT here is a tip anyway . . .

When you open the mail put it right where it goes immediately. I put all the bills in a desk cubby, all Dan's stuff on his nightstand, anything I want to keep in my files, and all the paper in the recycle garbage. It's the only thing I put away right away.

I hope you'll make a post which includes all the organizing tips (in case everyone doesn't read all comments in the next two weeks.)

Christy said...

Hey Jamie!
Well, I am not really that organized, but since we are home now, I am noticing the kids rummage through the cupboards more, so I have 4 plain boxes, with names on each. Inside are snacks. Once your box is empty for the day, that's it. (I am trying to hold the line). Also, I have a stash of already cut up veggies in the fridge that they can reach for anytime snacks.

I hope I get picked, I actually always wear aprons!

Trueman twins said...

I try really hard to stay in ONE room at a time when I am cleaning. I will create piles that need to go upstairs, downstairs, etc...because if I go to where the things actually belong I get distracted and start picking up and cleaning that room and then I never get back to the room I started with! So I end up with a bunch of half finshed areas! I try my best to stay put which is really a difficult task!

Kate said...

I am LOVING all of these tips! I will have to think for a few minutes on something to share.

Jessica said...

I think this is going to be way too long. Sorry. So, once I was at my mom's and found a book that I thumbed through. I adapted a system to fit my needs/interests, and when I stick to it, it actually works really great-and helps me feel balanced!

The book is called: Creation Plan: A Seven Day Approach to Guilt Free Homemaking by Betty Meyers.

First day: Unorganized matter is organized

2nd day: Waters

3rd day: Light divided from darkness

4th day: Vegetation and beautification

5th day: Animals created

6th day: Man created

7th day: The Lord rested


Monday: Organizing and cleaning

Tuesday: Laundry, ironing and mending

Wednesday: Personal enlightenment, planning, reading, writing

Thursday: Yard and garden work, home decorating.

Friday: Shopping and errands, special animal care.

Saturday: Time for self and family.

Sunday: Rest from labors. Physical and spiritual renewal.

So, I broke it down even more, according to the rooms I have in my house, and my interests.

For example: On Tuesday, day of waters, I focus on laundry/sewing. I have 1st Tuesday of the month, clean the laundry room. 2nd Tuesday, Iron and Mend...5th Tuesday dry clean, etc.

On Wednesdays, day of enlightenment, 1st Wed of the month, Journals and get Birthday cards ready, 2nd Wed: Write to family, 3rd Wed: Read a book, 4th: Write to a Friend, 5th: Surprise a Secret Sister-also, wash windows, develop talents, plan and read scripture stories to the girls.

Anyway, that's part of it. Sorry this was so long!!

Jessica said...

And for a shorter tip:

When you're getting dressed in the morning, instead of just taking the shirt off the hanger, take the hanger with it and put all your empty hangers in one place.


Jamie said...

Jess, that was one long comment. Great ideas about how to get EVERYTHING done. Thanks

Jessica said...

I know, I know, but it's a cute apron! :)