Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I'm so glad to have sisters. Yeah, brothers are great too (I have a couple of good ones) but there's something about sisters that's so nice. I always have the greatest conversations with my sister Katie and being around Emily always makes me laugh a lot--she really is fun. And there's Leigh, who lives about 10 minutes away.

Its kind of funny how you can talk to a sister like to no other. Recently as Leigh and I discussed how to be together with all our kids (8 in all) and not get stressed out, she said something profound, "I think you're harder on my kids than you are on your own." She cited a few examples to get her point across. She could have been rude but she wasn't. (It helps that we both took a communication class in the last few years.) There is probably nobody else in the world who could have (or would have) said that very thing without me feeling really defensive. The thing is--its true. I didn't really see it until she pointed it out but I guess I've known it all along. It didn't make me feel angry or guilty. It has actually been a great help. Though I am not feeling really embarrassed about this new found knowledge (I usually do) I have to apologize to those who I've stressed out for being too hard on your kids (I'm thinking of piano lessons in Oxford). Its really great to have a sister who can be a good enough friend to tell you the truth every once in a while. After all that's what life is all about--getting better, right?


leigh said...

yay for sisters! (and we just had another great conversation that could have ended badly.)

ps - i meant to tell you how unstressed you seemed when we were over there sunday. thanks.

Jamie said...

Yeah, I had to keep reminding myself.

Trueman twins said...

There's nothing like having a sister. I feel bad that Alyssa doesn't have one, but not bad enough to try for more. With that thought in mind she'd probably get another brother! Really though, sisters are the best!