Thursday, June 26, 2008


"Now remember guys, this isn't called catching, its called fishing." That's what Papa said in his very serious voice on the way to the fishing spot. But everyone caught something within the first 5 minutes of Papa getting their fishing poles baited. Unfortunately, Jordan's was the only one that was a Trout. The other Squaw Fish (trash fish, they're called) had to be thrown back, which is okay since the kids objective was only to catch them. Grant spent his time eating Mike N' Ikes and crying because he didn't want to wear the life vest--it was keeping him from bending over enough to reach his dropped candy. Andy and his friend Ashley were such a great help baiting hooks and untangling lines.


katie said...

I wondered what the first picture of grant was all about. I'll bet it was pretty funny to watch him.

Jan said...

I *LOVE* that picture of Grant (it is him, right?) with his fishing pole. Super cute! Great job!

(Andrew's "friend" Ashley, eh? Ehhhhhh, Annnddrreewwww??)

Trueman twins said...

Too funny! Poor Grant seemed pretty uncomfortable. Hey I'd be pretty upset too if I couldn't get my candy that fell on the ground!

Jared said...

Grant cracks me up too, I can totally picture that scene! Is the no eating a rule for the lake, or for the Petersen family? (it would be for ours)

(Jared took over my account so I need to be invited again)

Andrew said...

haha nice pictures...I'm glad you think of Ashley as my friend haha

LL said...

you guys have been BUSY! i need to get caught up on your blog.
Looks like you've had a fun summer!
cute cute pictures.