Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Human Powered Generators

Anyone else see the energy episode of Fetch, with Ruff Ruffman? I love that show and though I don't sit down and watch it daily I'm always happy to catch an episode. Anyway, on the show the kids measured watt hours of different machines--hair dryer, washing machines, small kitchen appliances etc. They talked about ways to save energy (towel dry your hair, hang your clothes out to dry etc.) At the end of the show a scientist was powering his TV with his own energy. As he pedalled on ... pedals (it wasn't even a full bike) the energy created from pedaling was held inside a battery which his TV was plugged into. It was the coolest thing. Wouldn't that be great if your kids could only watch TV if they were willing to pedal? Hmmm, computer time could totally limit itself with something like this. Could also come in handy when your electricity goes out (which is why I really want one). The kicker is, so far there aren't many, and possibly only 1. Its price--$550.


Tami said...

I love this concept! Have you heard of the merry-go-rounds in Africa that are providing power for kids' schooling? It is a BYU project if I'm remembering right. To harness the energy our children expend playing is a brilliant idea!

Kate said...

Oooh, I love this.
And we love that show too. My kids usually watch it while I'm teaching piano.

Trueman twins said...

That is a great show! I am always happy to watch it with the kids. That and Phineas and Ferb. Another funny one, but not as educational!
Yes, that would be great for the kids and us too! So much less computer time especially at night when I am tired!