Tuesday, July 1, 2008


CHRISTY'S name was randomly drawn out of a hat for this months apron giveaway. Christy, look for a package in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for future giveaways.

Here is the list of TIPS on ORGANIZATION given by giveaway participants (incase you don't read comments):

Buy yourself something fun to organize/clean up with. Something cool like those hanging clothes organizers or something.--Jan

I bought me a really big plastic tub with a lid and I put all of my tuperware and their lids in them and I put it on the floor of my pantry. It's really good for me because then I don't open up a cupboard and get bombarded with flying containers.--Jan

In my recipe box I have my main dishes divided by meats. Chicken, beef, and pork. That way when I'm trying to come up with an idea for dinner and we had chicken last night I won't look in that category.--Cathy

When you open the mail put it right where it goes immediately. I put all the bills in a desk cubby, all Dan's stuff on his nightstand, anything I want to keep in my files, and all the paper in the recycle garbage. It's the only thing I put away right away.--Leigh

I am noticing the kids rummage through the cupboards more, so I have 4 plain boxes, with names on each. Inside are snacks. Once your box is empty for the day, that's it. (I am trying to hold the line). Also, I have a stash of already cut up veggies in the fridge that they can reach for anytime snacks.--Christy

I try really hard to stay in ONE room at a time when I am cleaning. I will create piles that need to go upstairs, downstairs, etc...because if I go to where the things actually belong I get distracted and start picking up and cleaning that room and then I never get back to the room I started with! So I end up with a bunch of half finshed areas! I try my best to stay put which is really a difficult task!--Lisette

The book is called: Creation Plan: A Seven Day Approach to Guilt Free Homemaking by Betty Meyers. First day: Unorganized matter is organized 2nd day: Waters3rd day: Light divided from darkness4th day: Vegetation and beautification5th day: Animals created6th day: Man created7th day: The Lord restedso...translated...Monday: Organizing and cleaningTuesday: Laundry, ironing and mendingWednesday: Personal enlightenment, planning, reading, writingThursday: Yard and garden work, home decorating.Friday: Shopping and errands, special animal care.Saturday: Time for self and family.Sunday: Rest from labors. Physical and spiritual renewal.So, I broke it down even more, according to the rooms I have in my house, and my interests. For example: On Tuesday, day of waters, I focus on laundry/sewing. I have 1st Tuesday of the month, clean the laundry room. 2nd Tuesday, Iron and Mend...5th Tuesday dry clean, etc.On Wednesdays, day of enlightenment, 1st Wed of the month, Journals and get Birthday cards ready, 2nd Wed: Write to family, 3rd Wed: Read a book, 4th: Write to a Friend, 5th: Surprise a Secret Sister-also, wash windows, develop talents, plan and read scripture stories to the girls.--Jessica

When you're getting dressed in the morning, instead of just taking the shirt off the hanger, take the hanger with it and put all your empty hangers in one place.--Jessica

Put a lanyard on your keys and it works wonders. instead of losing my keys everyday. i just lose them once a week! it's amazing!--Emily

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Christy said...

Hurray for me! I love getting packages! These are really good organizational tips. Maybe if I do one per month for a year I'll be ready for the big leagues...thanks!