Thursday, September 25, 2008

music to my ears

this is obviously the after picture--so empty, isn't it great!

When Alex can't clean up his room for the 20th day in a row--its time to do some major dejunking and reorganizing. Though I dreaded this task, it turned out to be pretty fun. The music to my ears was when he said, "No I don't want that anymore, lets throw it away." I can't remember what it was--a dollar store airplane? a card? a box which had lost its contents? It doesn't matter whatever it was he got rid of it. Truly a breakthrough.
We had some pretty great conversation which is nice since Alex doesn't talk a whole lot. He commented on the different sound of his congested voice, "My voice is talking funny today." He also said, "Oh mom, these are my imaginary friends. I need to keep these." We made sure we put them in a safe spot. Besides these imaginary friend blank papers he also made sure to keep all the nice notes people have written to him. If you've ever written Alex a nice note, chances are you'll find it in his frog lunchbox.


Jan said...

Awwww - My little heart just melted, lol. How sweet that he keeps nice notes. I love ones that I get, too. I need to collect them in a shoe box for a bad-day pick-me-up :)

Diana said...

What a sweetie.

katie said...

That's hilarious that his imaginary friends were blank pieces of paper! I think he'll laugh about that when he's older.