Friday, July 25, 2008


I would have posted a wedding picture but couldn't find an electronic one.

I'm pretty lucky to have been introduced to Carl almost 12 years ago. He's been such a great husband--like 10 times better than I expected. (I didn't expect that he would be a bad husband but I wasn't expecting him to be so helpful and involved I guess.) These are my 11 favorite things about him:
1. As soon as he gets home he gets right to work with the kids or dinner or dishes or whatever we might be doing. In fact, he's the hardest worker I know. He goes to work between 4 and 6 in the morning just so he can come home by dinner time.
2. He's a great handyman. There's not much that Carl doesn't think he can do but if he finds something, he honestly admits it.
3. He's calm. Apparently he was born with this trait and even if I try to rile him up, it hardly ever works. There's not much that ruffles his feathers.
4. He's really funny. He can make the kids laugh so hard just by laughing himself. They love him for it.
5. He is loved wherever he goes. So at MY grandma's funeral last week everyone knew his name but couldn't quite get mine. I try to be understanding and think "its probably because I am one of 4 sisters who have some similar characteristics." This happens a lot though--not just with family. People just remember him.
6. He's great in front of a crowd. Its really funny how Carl gets not with but in front of a group of people. He smiles a lot and just generally makes people comfortable. He told some stories at his parent's 50th anniversary celebration. It was quite entertaining. He also recently spoke to a group of women at church. I had such a great time watching him--I wish I could describe how he was acting--suave and smiley are the only words I can think of.
7. So handsome. In Sept of 1996 some of my friends were a little surprised that I was dating nice looking Carl. I think they figured (like I did) that nobody that looked like that would ever be interested in me. I really lucked out. One of the older women (I'd say in her 70s) at church that heard Carl speak told me later, "he's so handsome."
8. He's spontaneous. The grocery store scavenger hunt for example or his sudden breakout into hillbilly talk.
9. He's practical. He can really bring me around to reality when I'm get frustrated over not measuring up to my ideals.
10. He loves people in general. Always giving everyone the benefit of the doubt I've very rarely heard Carl speak negatively of others. This is probably why he is so loved.
11. He loves me.


katie said...

What a great guy. I didn't know all those things about Carl. I'm pretty glad you married him.

Christy said...

We are also at 11 years! It goes really fast when you are having fun don't you think?

Cheri said...

Wow, congrats on 11 years! You guys sound like you go perfectly together; enjoy the next 11 just as much!

Julie Olson said...

Congrats! We celebrated 11 years this year too. Time flies. And hey...of course he loves are such an awesome person. I always thought, Jamie is so patient and such a good mom...I want to be like her.

Hey, we need to get together!

LL said...

That's such a cute picture of the two of you...

birdeeb said...

Awww that is adorable! I need to do that. My hubby is so great! I never knew you met him the year we graduated high school! That's awesome!