Monday, July 7, 2008

Days 3 and 4

Day 3 - REST - If I had only realized how much rest I needed for Day 4.


Wake up at 6am - Get ready for the day & do morning work. 6am your asking? I know, I know--all Carl's idea. He's not really a morning person on vacation but since he usually gets up for work between 4 and 5am I guess he thought 6am was sleeping in.

Breakfast - Sausage and Eggs

Home work and reading

The highlights of this activity were seeing one huge dinosaur made entirely of balloons (pictured above). It was huge. The kids had a great time building prehistoric scenes with water, sand, plastic palm trees and dinosaurs. They also swept away sand, uncovering dinosaur bones. We showed on popcorn as we watched a 3D IMAX called Wild Ocean.

SERVICE PROJECT: Baking cookies and taking them to neighbors.
The idea was that everyone would help make cookies-it would be one of those great family scenes you see on commercials with everyone smiling and acting like a great, loving family. It turned out that while Carl and kids were getting a head start on the next activity I made the cookies (which was great since I needed some alone time). Afterward, we delivered cookies while 2 out of 4 of the kids whined the whole 100 yards around the neighborhood.

RELAXING ACTIVITY: We borrowed a cousin's PS2 and spent 3 or 4 hours (as opposed to the 2 Carl scheduled) to play video games.

DINNER: Fast food hopping-Hot dogs and drinks at Costco, curly fries at Arby's and shakes at Shivers.
Alex chose all of the activities for today. Unfortunately since he woke up hours earlier than he's used to, he fell apart a few hours into the Main Event. Oh well, I'm sure he'll sleep well and be ready for an early morning tomorrow.

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emily said...

6 am? yeah, i'm glad i wasn't there but it's nice to see that you all had fun :)