Thursday, July 3, 2008


In the last few months I've known a few people who have lost a lot of weight. We recently got back from Spokane where my friend Beth and her husband lost 25-30 pounds since I was there at Christmas. They looked really great. Then there's Casey and Amanda who look awesome after participating in homemade Biggest Loser contests. We have another friend from MA, Tom, who lost 55 pounds in about 6 months and says he loves to exercise now and apparently enjoys eating healthy. YAY FOR WEIGHT LOSS! Its very inspiring. Tom used to reach his weight loss goals. Its a really great website complete with personalized exercise and nutrition plans, healthy tips, and support groups.

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leigh said...

yeah - and i lost 8 or so pounds, but then stopped. i need to get on the more pounds lost list. 25 or 30 sounds good. can you be my personal trainer? i guess you would if i'd pay for babysitting for all of our kids!