Wednesday, July 9, 2008


MAIN EVENT: Boondocks

We spent a great (and exhausting) day at the Boondocks today. We bought passes for unlimited Laser Tag, Bumper Boats, Go Karts, Miniature Golf and Kiddie Cove (like McDonald's Playland only bigger and better). We also got lots of tokens with the package and played video games that spit out tickets at lightening speed. Grant was pretty funny during our mini-golf game. He'd hit the ball and then run and pick it up and move to the next hole. He also spent his time examining rocks and kicking other people's balls. He liked the Kiddie Cove and played in there for quite a while until at some point he lost interest and ran around and around a column outside the cove. He's so entertaining and exhausting to watch.

SERVICE PROJECT: Sweeping sidewalks. Since there weren't enough brooms, Alex used a snow shovel. Don't think it helped much but he did.

QUIET ACTIVITY-none. We went back to Boondocks since we payed a pretty penny for our passes, which were good for all day.

DINNER: We got around to eating our barbecued pork and chicken at around 8:30 pm. I don't think we've ever eaten that late-ever.

I can't believe Carl's energy levels. He didn't have any kind of down time yesterday. I, on the other hand snuck some piano time while Grant was supposed to be down for a nap (didn't work) during the Service Project and then again while Carl was barbecuing. So after all the kids were in bed at 10pm (totally off schedule) I found Carl doing stuff for work. Maybe its because we are on vacation and so he's enjoying everything we're doing and doesn't feel exhausted. I, who am pretty exhausted at this point, am in awe of his energy and hard work.


katie said...

Your vacation sounds so fun. I bet your kids will remember it forever. I especially liked that Alex used a shovel to sweep. Was that his idea?

polka dots said...

Looks like fun. Our dinner time and bed time get later and later during the summertime.

Tami said...

What a fun week, and I'm super impressed with everyone's ideas. Great memories!

leigh said...

whoa! i'm exhausted just reading about it! i hope day 7 was a day of rest. (how did carl take off work when he's so busy?)

Christy said...

I've loved reading the "home" vacation ideas. What a awesome idea and very relaxing not being away (we just returned from a fun, but TIRING trip) It is a wonderful idea as there are always so many things to do around our own homes!
thanks for sharing