Monday, July 14, 2008


Day 6 was the end of our home vacation. Day 7 was supposed to be a camping trip. But here's how the day unraveled. After packing and cleaning for the upcoming road trip we finally left the house at noon. We drove one hour north to Honeyville Utah's Crystal Hot Springs. After driving 30 minutes away to a restaurant and purchasing some non perishables for dinner (we couldn't fit the cooler on this trip) we drove the 30 minutes back to camp and set up our tent. We spent the next 3 hours swimming in the hot springs and going down the water slide. The place was more run down than we were expecting but the kids didn't notice so it probably didn't matter.

We then went back to our campsite and had a little dinner (if you can call it that) consisting of cherries and rice cakes. Near the end of dinner Carl said, "Why don't we just head up to Washington tonight. We're not going to get a very good sleep anyway" (the camp site was mostly rocks and dry grass.) It took him a few minutes to talk me into it. (The kids were pretty easy to convince since it meant more time with cousins the following day.) So we took down the tent and headed out.
The Trip: Carl thought I could sleep for a few hours while it was still light and then we'd switch. Sounds like a good plan right? I have such a bad memory sometimes. I forgot all about Grant's car yelling, "MOOOOOOOOOM." He can see me perfectly from his seat and I think he does this every few minutes to make sure I'm alive. He keeps it up until I make eye contact with him and say, "what?" Even when I answer, he can't seem to remember why he wanted to talk to me in the first place. This went on and on until he finally went to sleep after dark. Since I'm the worst driver when I'm tired (its the hum of the car that puts me right to sleep) Carl ended up driving all night. We did stop for a 2 hour rest at some point and ended up in Washington at 6:30 am. The kids woke up and everything went smoothly from there on out.
More to follow on the rest of the trip.


Cheri said...

holy cow - i can't believe the marathon of a time you guys have had lately. how do you do it??? i can't drive at night either; can't blame ya there.

katie said...

I like the first picture. It looks like you told everyone to smile like Grant.

Tami said...

Glad you made the trip safely after driving all night long! We used to do that all the time, but I don't think we could pull it off anymore. Sounds like you had a great time with Carl's family--what a special occasion!

Trueman twins said...

What an awesome vacation you guys had! I think you did it all! WOW you must really have been exhausted after that!
You know my kids did the same thing in the car. Always calling out Mom and once I answered there was silence. I think they just wanted to check and make sure I was still there. I forgot about that...a pleasant reminder thanks!

LL said...

that story of Grant makes me LAUGH!