Thursday, July 3, 2008


Recently on a trip to Spokane I had the "unique opporunity" to lay down during every nap and bedtime with my Grant in order to get him to sleep. He's normally a handful but on a trip without his dad and his bed things get even harder. One night after he fell asleep I layed there and watched him for a little while. (Afterall, if I'd left too early he would have woken up and we'd have to start all over.) Why is it that kids look so wonderful when they're alseep? How could he look innocent after a long days work of causing so much trouble. Looking at his cute sleeping face I thought how nice it is that he's mine. Then I remebered that he's not really mine, just on loan from heaven for this lifetime. (I wish I could write this and not sound "cheesy" as my friend April would say.) It occurred to me that Heavenly Father also uses the Overload Principle (see June 23rd post). He gives us loads greater than we are used to, giving us a chance to grow. It reminds me that other trials--sickness, financial trouble, losing jobs, and many other problems could be considered loads placed in our way in order to give us more chances to become accustomed to greater loads, thus improving our abilites. So I should be pretty happy that I have this great two-year-old load to help me to become something better than I am.


leigh said...

aren't they just perfect when they're asleep? it's like all their bad habits just melt away and they're little angels.

Jared said...

I completely agree that kids help mold us to be the kind of people the Lord wants us to be, just as we are molding them. If we can hang in there, all will succeed in the end. Naps really really help in this process!


(yes, by the way, please send me another invite, just to our normal mail, so I can sign up in our other account)

Trueman twins said...

That is my most favorite time of the night when I check in on them when they are sleeping. They seem so angelic- especially if it was a hard day. I always promise to try harder, in a whisper to them, if I was the one who made their day harder. Yes, we too can have attitudes and too much on our plates which makes life too crazy for them. A good ol' breakdown is needed by all every once in a while!
As for the naps! I think there should be a mandatory siesta time for ALL. Wouldn't that make everyone a little less grouchy?

smart mama said...

great post I think night time is the relief from the overload principle!