Thursday, August 28, 2008


It may look as if Alex reads while fishing but that is not the case. Alex would not allow our camera man take his photograph and is therefore shown here in a family picture.

Alex, genius son of Jamie and Carl Cleaver, was awarded one week ago for finishing his 100 lessons from the Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons book. He celebrated his achievement with his mother and father by eating a 1 foot hot dog at a local restaurant. The 100 lessons started nearly 2 years ago and because of his fabulous mother's diligence and premeditated patience he was able to go through the lessons at his own speed. Jamie, who is known to complicate lessons among younger children said, "I love the book because it tells me exactly what I, as the teacher, am suppose to say. Besides reading the introduction of the book, which was very helpful, there was really no preparation involved with teaching reading, just open the book. I also liked that it teaches letter sounds before letter names--it makes reading much easier." The acclaimed book includes in each lesson: sounding out letters, words, reading stories, answering questions about the stories, and practicing writing letters. Alex is the third Cleaver to use this reading method but the first to finish the book--just in time for kindergarten. The other Cleavers, Jordan and Katie, started kindergarten and continued their reading progression through school.

What's next on Alex's list of goals?--tying his shoes.


Libby said...

Congratulations Alex and Jamie!!! We used that book with our oldest and with our second got 2/3 through it before he refused to do more. Now our third wants to start with it and he carried it all over yesterday, so I won't forget. Wish us luck!

Kate said...

I haven't heard of that book, but now I want to try it out! Congratulations to Alex. What a great picture.

Angela said...

Awsome, I think I will look that book up to.